("Per 1961-1963 Documents")

In l957, Bill Devin introduced a new sports G-T roadster, which was at the opposite end of the economic scale from the do-it-yourself kits he had been marketing. This was the 'SS', a car capable of speeds in excess of 160 mph, with a dozen innovations leading to superior road handling and safety. In street trim, the 'SS' weighed just over 2,000 pounds, was capable of accelerating to 100 mph in less than 16 seconds, and clearly outperformed any automobile offered for sale in this country. As ROAD AND TRACK magazine said, " you just won't find this much anywhere else, in a car available to the general public for less than $12,000."
The 'SS' provided a valuable lesson, although it was necessarily an expensive one. In an attempt to reduce the expense of producing a custom car, the chassis was built in Great Britain. However, the hazards of delivery, such as maritime strikes and deferred sailing, negated the savings. Chassis production was switched to the United States, but proved to be far too costly to make the announced selling price possible. Nonetheless, the 'SS' was an outstanding example, and its designer had much to be proud of.

'SS' owners have been extremely happy, and the cars are much in demand, A three-year old 'SS' recently changed hands for the original list price...ZERO depreciation!

A transparent view of the DEVIN SS

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